Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA)

Delta Module 2 - Developing Professional Practice

Who is it for?

  • English language teachers who have been teaching for at least one year
  • English language teachers who want to progress into more senior roles such as head of English and teacher training
  • Experienced teachers who want to extend their expertise in a specialist area
  • First-language English speakers and non-first language speakers who have a CEFR Level of high C1 or above.


DELTA is an advanced blend of theory and practice that provides professional development, skills and techniques that will help you throughout your career.

DELTA is suitable for teaching any age group, from young learners to adults.

Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice


  • Three internally assessed lessons
  • One externally assessed lesson
  • Skills-based and systems-based lessons
  • Experimental practice
  • Professional development
  • 12-week 100% online (input + teaching practice)
  • Qualified Delta tutors
  • Powerful LMS

Module 2 – Components

Theoretical Component

Contents: Review of teaching and learning concepts, description of the Module 2, guidelines to write your BEs (Background Essays), LPs (lesson plans), and the PDA (Professional Development Assignment).

Workload: About 10 hs/week for reading, researching, diagnostic lesson, observations, discussions, and assignment writing. 

Practical Component

Contents: Sessions on systems and skills, consultation for and preparation of 4 LSAs (lessons to be taught), sessions on systems and skills, feedback on teaching, and reflection.

Workload: 5-10 hours a week, with lessons delivered and observed on Zoom.


We always count on very qualified tutors for our courses, as we understand this is our most valuable asset. Among them:

André Alipio started working as a teacher in 1988, and has been a teacher, coordinator, teacher trainer and/or DoS at different institutes in Brazil and abroad. He was responsible for the CPE for teachers at Cellep (BR131), International House São Paulo (BR650), and GTP. He has a B.A. in Communication from PUC/SP, holds RSA COTE and the Cambridge DELTA, IHCOLT from International House World Organization, and a masters degree in TESOL & Applied Linguistics from the University of Leicester. He has also worked as a course developer for 15 years, having delivered courses, training sessions, lectures and workshops in different countries. He has been working as a CELTA tutor (all modes) and Delta tutor (all modules) for different centres.




10 X R$800,00 + Cambridge Fee (US$355.00)

CANDIDATES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES (please write and check)


Next course (input + TPs):

Delta Modulo 2, 100% Online, from Aug-Nov/24

Start: 05/08/24
End: 29/11/24

Load: Average of 2 sessions (3 hours each per week)
Days: Wednesday nights (18-21) and Saturday mornings (09-12))
Model: 100% online with sessions recorded and made available
Number of weeks: 16
Number of classes to be taught: 06 (two not observed and four observed)

Production of assignments: In addition to the assignments that teachers must produce for the classes to be observed, they will also write the PDA – Professional Development Assignment, with 4500-5000 words.

Extra Information

Most materials you need are online. You will gain access to them on day 1, using Canvas Instructure or NEO.

Reliable videoconferencing tools for you to teach your lessons. All the support you need from very qualified tutors.

The possibility of using your own group of learners to have your lessons observed.

Discounts for GTP former trainees, member teachers, and referrals. Write to know more about it.